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CIUK (Career Interactive Ltd) is the leading Career Coaching Company in the United Kingdom! We provide coaching and mentoring to international and home students, helping them to secure a top graduate job in multinational companies in the UK, Holland and China.

Combining our state of the art online platform, vast experience and resources that are unrivalled, motivated hard working students are able to land their dream job role. The majority of our students secure an offer within 4 months of joining!*

Why is Career Coaching So Valuable?

Having access to a Career Coach and programme enables you to reflect and understand yourself and your career path fully. Through this process you will know which graduate post matches your strengths, personality and professional goals. 

This is a vital process for young people to transition from their studies at University to the Professional working world.

Career Interactive’s Coaching involves the following key elements for you to take advantage of:

  • Career Consultation and Planning in terms of a bespoke job hunting strategies and timetables
  • Professional Job Analysis & Positioning Guidance
  • Application Form /CV/ Cover Letter, and Key Skills Walk through
  • Aptitude & Psychiatric Tests (Numerical, Verbal, Logical, Personality, Situation Judgement, E-Tray, Strength Assessment, Behaviour Preference Tests)
  • Business English Coaching
  • Speed Reading Classes
  • Competency-Based Interview Advice
  • Technical & Commercial Awareness Style Interview Coaching
  • Partner / MD Level Interview Coaching
  • Telephone and Face-to-Face Interviews with a Career Coach
  • Assessment Centre / Day Coaching (Group Exercises, Team Building, Case Studies,
  • Presentations, Written Reports), these include Introductory, Standard and Advanced Levels
  • Body Language and Business Etiquette Workshops
  • Post job offer follow up and evaluation

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What Makes CIUK the UK’s Leading Career Consulting Service Provider?

Our Unique Online Platform combines years of hard work, industry expertise and the latest technology making your job hunting and coaching experience bespoke, streamlined and highly efficient.

The key advantages of our platform are:

  • Improved Efficiency: You can manage the whole job application and coaching process in one place, this will increase your efficiency to an unprecedented level. This is especially important when you have to multitask among course work, exams, extra - curricular activities and job hunting.
  • Fully Interactive: Job hunting is often associated with boring research, stress, and confusion. With our Platform, the whole process will become clear and easily accessible. For instance your application forms can be drafted, reviewed online and managed together. You will be able to select your coaching level, coaching mentor, time and view their written feedback instantly. It is also possible to participate in our live Online or Onsite Assessment Centre’s where we will be sharing our coaching material. You can practice your aptitude tests and monitor your progress statistics. Access our vast resources & news summaries by clicking of a button.
  • Reaching the unreachable: Most of our mentors are senior working professionals in different sectors. Some are involved in the recruitment process for some of the World’s biggest companies. Without our Platform, they can only be contacted through networking events or personal contacts. With our Interactive Platform, you can select the mentor you like and get coached by the click of a button. What is more, your coaching guidance and materials have already been provided to you online.
  • Application and Coaching on the go: Wherever & whenever. No matter if you are at home, in the library, in the UK, US or Australia, your bespoke services enable you to get your application and coaching on the move. All you need is internet connection, plus a webcam and microphone for our Interview and Assessment Centre coaching services.
  • We produce first-class results: CIUK has a proven track record of students getting graduate, internship, spring week job offers in the World’s top companies through using our Platform. With our continued innovation and constant improvement, more and more students will benefit as a result. CIUK is very proud of what we have achieved so far and you can access some of candidates’ testimonials here.
  • Great Customer Service: With our Platform, our team is able to direct resources centrally to deal effectively with issues encountered by our trainees. Remember that no matter what problem you have, we are always here at your call!

Currently we have over 100 different programmes for you to choose from, covering 6 industries and more than 500 world renowned companies. This caters for various student backgrounds, job expectations and budgets.

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*Subject to Terms and Conditions (Specific to the programme you wish to join contained on the Online Platform)

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